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■ Historic symbol 


campus skyline 

■ Manufacturing engineering 
degree in response to demand 

■ Golf enterprise program 
first in the nation 


Quick Contact Information 

All campus telephone and fax numbers 
have a 715 area code and a 232-prefix. 

Alumni Office 232-1151 

Stout University Foundation 232-1151 

Admissions (undergraduate) 
Admissions (graduate) 
Career Services 




Chancellor's Office 232-2441 
Continuing Education/Extension 

and Summer Session 232-2693 

Financial Aid 232-1363 

Graduate College 232-2211 

Information Service Center 232-1431 

Registrar/Transcripts 232-2121 

University Relations 232-2381 



UW-Stout Alumni Association 

Louis Smith Tainter House 
320 South Broadway 
Menomonie, Wl 54751 

Phone 715-232-1151 
Toll free 866-716-6685 
Fax 715-232-5015 


Keep in touch. 

We'd love to hear from you and your fellow alumni would, too! 

Here are four ways to update us at the Alumni Office: uw-stout alumni association 


Drop us a line about your promotion, a reunion or just to reminisce // 320 SOUTH BROADWAY 

Fax Easy as 715-232-5015 menomonie, wi 54751 

E-mail A quick message to 

Online Check out our Web site; share your news or ideas at 

The Stout Outlook is a publication 
of the UW-Stout Alumni Association, in 
cooperation with the Stout University 
Foundation and the UW-Stout Office 
of University Relations. It is published 
biannually and distributed to 
graduates, parents and friends 
of the university. 


Calendar of Events 


01 Senior Salute Reception 

07 Retired Faculty/Staff Breakfast, Louis Smith Tainter House 

18 Commencement 


Foundation Board of Directors meeting 
Alumni Reception, Home of Linda Arzoumanian 

APRIL 2005 




Engineering and Technology Career Day 

Alumni Reception, Home of Tom Larson 

Retired Faculty/Staff Breakfast, Louis Smith Tainter House 

Senior Salute 

Early Childhood Education Conference 

Alumni Reception, Mona Lisa's 

Foundation Board Grants Committee meeting 

Foundation Board of Directors meeting 

Foundation/Alumni Board of Directors evening social 

Alumni Association Board of Directors meeting 

MAY 2005 



Alumni Reception, Signature Room, John Hancock Bldg. 

JUNE 2005 


Alumni Reception 
Fiscal year ends 

UW-Stout Campus 
UW-Stout Campus 

UW-Stout Campus 
Tucson, Ariz. 

UW-Stout Campus 
Washington, D.C. 
UW-Stout Campus 
UW-Stout Campus 
UW-Stout Campus 
Eau Claire, Wis. 
UW-Stout Campus 
UW-Stout Campus 
UW-Stout Campus 
UW-Stout Campus 

UW-Stout Campus 
Chicago, III. 

Pub 500, Mankato, Minn. 

Gary Cowles '71 

Director of University Publications 
John K. Enger 

Executive Director of University Relations 

Maggie Foote '73 

Editor, Corridor Design 

Carol Gundlach 

Editorial Assistance, University Relations 

Layne Pitt '81 

University Athletics and Sports 
Information Director 

Sue Pittman '82 

Interim Assistant Chancellor for Foundation 
and Alumni Services 

Jennifer Rudiger '95 

Director of Annual Giving and Marketing 

Ejaz Saifullah '89, '94 

Design and Production, Corridor Design 

Charlene Smith 

Editorial Assistance, Foundation 
and Alumni Office 

Marty Springer MS '81 

University Photographer 

Kevin Thorie 

University Archivist 

Ryan Wilson 

Deputy Director of University Relations 



Historic symbol illuminates campus skyline 

Grant helps Wisconsin teachers connect 
to region's past 

Outstanding teaching awards 







First of its kind. Golf enterprise management 
degree endorsed by golf industry 

Manufacturing engineering degree responds 
to business needs 

Gaming management certificate offered 

Stout historical group premiers its first 
museum exhibit 

Round robin news. Friends bound together by a 
thread of letters 

Charting a course for success: 

Experience and commitment make the difference 




Foundation President's Message 

New leadership for Stout Foundation announced 

Foundation grants stimulate 
faculty and staff programs 



Alumni President's Message 
Distinguished Alumni Award 
Class of '50s Golden Reunion 
Hall of Fame inductees 

chancellor's message 

As you know, education 
is facing challenging times 
with state and federal dollars 
becoming more restricted. 
The question has been raised 
as to why some colleges and 
universities remain healthy and 
forward looking, while others 
assume a defensive posture 
that eventually can do damage 
to the institution. 



let me share with you three 
components necessary for a 
healthy institution. First and 
foremost is the mission of the 
university. Is it understood by 
all and reflected in planning efforts? Stout has been fortunate to 
have a clear mission. It permeates who we are as an organization. 

Leadership is the second ingredient. Campus groups play an 
important role, and all are represented in the Chancellor's Advisory 
Council. Decisions concerning policy and budget are shared with 
students, faculty, academic staff and unions. We share authority 
and are responsible and accountable for our actions. 

An active, open planning process is the third factor. Each fall, 
we hold discussions to ask the campus for their ideas. These 
suggestions are then reviewed, and three to five priorities are 
identified. Since 1996, we have funded 45 priorities. Of these, 81 
percent of the funds went directly to support instruction and 
students, 18 percent to support our digital campus, and 
1 percent for administrative services. 

We are now engaged in a longer term planning effort - 
UW-Stout 2010. This plan will fully implement the e-Scholar 
program, forge a closer alignment with the technical schools, focus 
on developing new programs in the emerging sciences, and explore 
options for delivering economical, competitive programs. 

At UW-Stout, we continue to be forward looking; confident 
in the future; and aggressive in meeting the short and 
long-term challenges. 


14-19 Reunions, Marriages, Births, Anniversaries 

19 Blue Devils Reunion of Champions 


20 Campaign trail through Menomonie 

Making change is exciting, fun, complicated and essential. 
This issue of the Stout Outlook boasts a new full-color 
magazine format communicating with alumni in a with you, 
for you, and about you style. We encourage your comments 
and contributions. 


Historic symbol 
campus skyline 

A historic symbol, the Stout 'S', has been restored 
to campus after being missing for nearly 35 years. 
The original 'S' was mounted outside a third floor 
window on the north side of the Bowman Hall tower. 
Overlooking the lake, the large illuminated 'S' was a 
sentimental symbol to alumni and the community. 
It was stolen in early 1969. 

Hugh Moltzau, class of '36, along with the members of 
the classes of '53, '54 and '55 who celebrated their golden 
class reunion in October, have contributed to the cost of 
reconstructing, mounting and illuminating the nostalgic 
symbol. Fund raising by the Stout University Foundation 
is still underway to fulfill the cost of the project. 

Original 'S' overlooked 
a chilly 1930s campus. 

The 'S' type face was chosen from a 1913 annual. Measuring 
10 feet high and 6 feet, 6 inches wide, the sign was made of 
aluminum and painted white. The Menomonie Historic 
Commission has endorsed its installation. 

While the 'S' has been missing for many years, its legacy is still 
preserved in the following phrase from the Alma Mater: 


Bowman Hall 
clock tower again 
displays its 
"brilliant" mark 


"On the banks of Lake Menomin stands our Alma Mater true, 
with tower high and brilliant 'S', for her we'll dare and do." 

"The brilliant 'S' on the Stout tower has a very personal meaning 
to me," said Moltzau. "I was 13 years old when our family 
moved to Menomonie. My dad met my mother and me at the 
train station, and we stopped for dinner at a restaurant next to 
Lee's Drug Store across from the Stout tower. It was a foggy 
evening in mid-December of 1928, and the lighted 'S' stood out 
like a beacon. I asked my dad what the big 'S' was for. He 
explained that there was a college across the street by the name 
of Stout and that if I studied hard and got good grades in high 
school, maybe I would be able to go there to college. Needless to 
say, I entered Stout in the fall of 1932 and had a most rewarding 
education during the next four years. That lighted 'S' gave me 
an incentive to acquire a higher education, which resulted in a 
successful career in industry." 

Singing the Stout Alma Mater without the brilliant 'S' is like 
singing the National Anthem without the flag— Hugh Moltzau 




University of Wisconsin-Stout, 
University of Wisconsin-River Falls and 
Cooperative Educational Service Agency 
No. 11 have received a $750,000 grant from the U.S. 
Department of Education to create a professional 
development program for more than 30 teachers in 
39 school districts in northwestern Wisconsin. 

The project, titled "History Through the Heartland 
Along the 1-94 Corridor," will take history teachers 
on a three-year "journey" along 1-94. Kurt Leichtle, 
administrator of the grant and history professor at 
UW- River Falls, said that "Interstate 94 travelers pass 
the remnants of virgin forests once home to Native 
Americans, 19th century immigrant farms, cut-over 
lands left from the lumber boom, and cities that bear 
witness to the rise of the industrial nation." 

The teachers will explore the connections between local, state 
and national events. "The concept is to use local Wisconsin 
sites, events and places as teaching tools," said Robert Zeidel, 
associate principal investigator and senior academic staff at 

"The 1-94 corridor will become the laboratory," Leichtle said. 
"The project connects the history of the textbook to the history 
of the student's lives and pasts using Wisconsin as a case 
study." Project staff includes Leichtle, Zeidel and David Riggs, 
academic staff member at UW- River Falls. Nancy Graese from 
CESA 11 will provide co-coordination with school districts and 
administrative support. Leichtle, along with Zeidel, co-founded 
the Advanced Placement U.S. History Review Day, which 
attracts 250-300 students each year. Zeidel has taught at 
UW-Stout for the last 13 years. 

Area teachers will be selected for participation in the project 
during the fall and will start coursework in the spring with their 
first meeting in the summer of 2005. 


Outstanding Teaching and Service Awards 

The outstanding teaching and service awards are voted on by the 
students. When placing their vote, the students are asked to consider 
the following criteria: excellence in classroom presentation and 
preparation, availability and accessibility, and other qualities they 
would like to see awarded. Candidates for the outstanding service and 
service office awards need to exemplify excellence in service delivery, 
student orientation, availability and other customer friendly 
service qualities. 

Outstanding Teaching Awards 

Timothy Alberg, College of Arts and Sciences 
Carolyn Barnhart, College of Human Development 
Thomas Franklin, College of Human Development 
Diane Klemme, School of Education 
Maureen Mitton, College of Arts and Sciences 
Peter Schlosser, College of Technology, Engineering 

and Management 
Charlene Schmidt, College of Human Development 
Linards Stradins, College of Technology, Engineering 
and Management 

Outstanding Service Awards 

Kristi Olson, Housing and Residence Life 
Bruce Saxman, University Recreation 

Outstanding Service Office Award 

Financial Aid Office 

Outstanding Graduate Faculty Award 

The outstanding graduate faculty recipient is nominated by the 
graduate students. The candidates are evaluated on their outstanding 
commitment, enthusiasm and assistance to the graduate student 
community, as well as their quality of teaching, research, thesis 
advising and mentoring. 

Kristina Gorbatenko-Roth, College of Human Development 

Research Awards 

Outstanding Researcher Award 

This award is presented to a highly noteworthy individual for 
leadership and significant contribution to research and scholarly 
activities. Nominations are solicited from the campus community. 
The Research Advisory Committee reviews nominations and makes 
recommendations to the provost. 

Stephan Nold, College of Arts and Sciences 

Nelva G. Runnalls Research Support Recognition Award 

The award recognizes a person or organization that has made a 
significant contribution to support research and scholarly 
activities at UW-Stout. 
Institutional Review Board for the Protection of Human Subjects 

Diversity Award 

Diversity Education Committee Award 

This award recognizes diversity efforts in the area of new initiatives or 
expansion of existing efforts, clear leadership, role modeling, curricular 
efforts, and overall impact on the campus or department. 

Terri A. Karis, College of Human Development 

AUTUMN 2004 


First of its kind, golf enterprise 


Anew degree in golf enterprise management— the first of 
its kind in the country— would be offered by University of 
Wisconsin-Stout as early as fall of 2005 under a plan 
endorsed by several major golf organizations. 

UW-Stout will offer a specialization in the subject this fall, 
before seeking approval of the full major by the University of 
Wisconsin System Board of Regents. The specialization will 
be offered through the university's department of hospitality 
and tourism. 

"The emphasis of the proposed degree will be on business 
acumen, rather than on player aptitude, which is common 
to most of the programs now in place," said John Wesolek, 
dean of UW-Stout's College of Human Development. 

The National Golf Course Owners Association has unanimously 
endorsed UW-Stout's development of the program, adding to 
support from the Golf Course Owners of Wisconsin and the 
Midwest Golf Course Owners Association endorsements. 

"It's the only endorsement of its kind NGCOA has ever 
conferred and was given only after much consideration," said 
Mike Hughes, NGCOA's executive director. "It was driven in 
large measure by UW-Stout's recent attainment of the coveted 
Malcolm Baldrige Award." 

The golf enterprise management program will place emphasis 
on developing management skills in food and beverage, retail 
sales, service management, turf maintenance, human resources, 
and marketing, including player development and retention. 

The program has received "keystone" grants of $100,000 from 
the Toro Giving Program; $50,000 from UW-Stout alumnus Bill 
Gehrand, Continental Commerce Centers; and $100,000 from 
the Kohler Company. 

"In addition to on-campus registration, the entire program will 
be 'distance-learning' enabled," Wesolek said. "Working persons 
who enter the program will be able to complete the degree work 
online while continuing their employment, if they wish." 

The proposed degree will be a four-year undergraduate program 
requiring 124 credit hours, including a strong co-op or 
internship experience at golf courses or clubs. 

For additional information, contact: 

John Wesolek, Dean 

College of Human Development 

UW-Stout, PO Box 790 

Menomonie, WI 54751 

Phone 715-232-2687 


John Wesolek, dean, College of Human Development, 
UW-Stout, talks with Angle Brown, sophomore, about 
the new golf enterprise management program. 




Anew master of science degree in manufacturing 
engineering will be offered at University of 
Wisconsin-Stout beginning in fall 2005. 

Northwestern Wisconsin, as well as the Fox Valley in eastern 
Wisconsin, has experienced considerable growth in the number 
of high technology companies in their region in the past decade. 
It is estimated that technology-related companies in 
northwestern Wisconsin employ more than 9,000 people in 
professional, technical and production positions. 

The new degree will meet regional needs for a graduate program 
offered in manufacturing engineering, providing opportunities 
for further education to engineers or those employed in 
engineering capacities in Chippewa Valley and Fox 
Valley companies. 

"We took a survey, and it was apparent that employers were 
searching for graduate-level education programs for engineers," 
said Robert Meyer, dean of UW-Stout's College of Technology, 
Engineering and Management. "There wasn't a graduate degree 
offered in the area for those professionals working in 
engineering positions." 

The curriculum for the new program will emphasize project 
management, system design and integration, and automation 
and control. Workshops presented by the Northwest Wisconsin 
Manufacturing Outreach Center will be presented for graduate 
credit. UW-Stout's technology and industrial management 
departments will provide the majority of the courses in 
the program. 

For additional information, contact: 

Robert Meyer, Dean 

College of Technology Engineering and Management 

UW-Stout, PO Box 790 

Menomonie, WI 54751 


Anew certificate in gaming management, as well as a 
gaming entertainment management minor, is now being 
offered by University of Wisconsin-Stout's department of 
hospitality and tourism. UW-Stout is the only four-year 
university in the Midwest offering such a program. 

The professional development certificate in gaming 
management provides students with an understanding of the 
operational and management aspects of casino gaming. The 
certificate also addresses the historical, legal, economic, social, 
psychological and tourism impacts that gaming entertainment 
has on communities and societies. 

"National Native American tribes, in particular, have heard 
about the certificate, and their response has been very positive," 
said Sharon Giroux, gaming management adviser and professor 
in the hospitality and tourism department at UW-Stout. 

"Having the training right here for regional tribes and their 
employees-instead of having to send them to Reno or Lake 
Tahoe for training-is very beneficial. In the future, we'd like to 
look into more on-site training and possibly an online option," 
Giroux said. 

UW-Stout is perfectly located to operate a program dealing with 
gaming management. The campus is within driving distance of 
approximately 40 casinos in Wisconsin and Minnesota. 

The certificate, meant for students who want to increase their 
marketability in the gaming management job market, involves 
four courses. Gaming Management is an overview of casino 
gaming operations from a global and local perspective; Casino 
Operations explores the functions and transactions associated 
with the gaming operations within a resort casino; Psychosocial 
Issues in Gaming gives a hospitality management and societal 
perspective of the pros and cons of gambling entertainment; 
and Casino Tourism gives students the chance to research, 
travel and visit with chambers of commerce, casino 
management personnel and governing entities to study 
economic, sociological and cultural impacts of gaming. 

For more information on either the gaming management 
certificate or the minor in gaming entertainment 
management, contact: 

Sharon Giroux 

Hospitality and Tourism Department 

UW-Stout, PO Box 790 

Menomonie, WI 54751 

Phone 715-232-2089 


AUTUMN 2004 

Stout historical groin) jjremiers 
its first museum exhibit 


A life sized picture of James H. Stout 
greeted approximately 80 Stout alumni 
recently for the opening of the new Stout 
exhibit at the Russell Rassbach Heritage 
Museum in Menomonie. Members of the Stout 
classes of 1953, 1954 and 1955, who were back 
in Menomonie to celebrate their Golden 
Reunion, were honored to be the first visitors 
to the new exhibit. 

The display was created by the Stout Historical Association, a 
group of alumni, and retired and current university personnel 
which began to meet in 2002 with the goal of establishing a 
museum dedicated to the preservation of artifacts, papers and 
memorabilia of the institution known as Stout. The group is 
now a part of the Dunn County Historical Society, which has 
agreed to display and provide a home for the collection as it 
evolves. The exhibit explains Senator Stout's many business and 
civic contributions and focuses on the great educational 
institution he founded in 1891. 

Visitors can trace the rich history of the university from its 
humble beginning as the Stout Manual Training School, to what 
today is known as University of Wisconsin-Stout. The exhibit 
also features a number of class projects that were donated by 
alumni, as well as items from the Wes Face Tool Collection. 

Stout Historical Association steering committee Bob Dahlke, 
Glen Gehring, Don Steffen, Robert Swanson and Kevin Thorie, 
along with a strong core of volunteers, are excited to see their 
vision for a permanent museum emerge from dream to reality. 
They want your "old stuff." Items that have been stored in the 
attic because they held too much sentimental value to be 
tossed are welcomed. 





1 1 


"It is a critical window of opportunity. Families don't 
know what to do with items related to the alumni's 
time at Stout. We'd like to collect the artifacts before 
they're divided up, misplaced or thrown away." 
—Bob Dahlke, SHA Steering Committee 

Alumni are encouraged to donate items related to their time at 
Stout before they are lost forever. Examples of physical objects 
for donation include woodwork, metalwork, tools, sewing, 
drawings and other artwork, course textbooks and notebooks. 
Alumni in the process of downsizing their households or 
moving can donate their Stout memorabilia, including items 
from extracurricular activities such as athletic or club uniforms, 
art objects, mascots or insignias. 

To join the SHA, or for information on how to donate 
artifacts or to make a financial contribution, please contact: 

Stout Historical Association 

1820 Wakanda Ct. 

Menomonie, WI 54751 

Phone: 715-232-8685 

Web site: 




roiuiD roBin 


friends bound together by a thread of letters 




In 1936, a group of 12 young 
women, all Stout Institute 
graduates, began writing a round 
robin letter to stay in touch as they 
left the comfortable surroundings of 
Menomonie and went out to teach 
home economics. 

Elaine Thomas Charlick '35, started 
the letter writing ritual, and it has 
been in constant motion ever since. 
Today, other active round robin 
participants include 
Inez Pickering Siro '36, 
Phyllis Lauermann Wilken '36, 
Margaret Allen Engel '36, 
Ruth Bubeck Voll '36, 
Lillian Hanson McCormick '36 
and Esther Spaulding Miller '36. 


Busy people seem to have a cell phone 
constantly at their ears. E-mails fly 
back and forth with three-and 
four- word phrases. Instant 
communication over the last 
several decades has made letter writing 
obsolete. But, seven Stout graduates 
refuse to believe that statement. 
They have kept an ongoing letter 
writing communication circulating 
for some 68 years. 


This 1936 Tower photograph has preserved the ladies of Pallas Athene in conversation, 
many who are participants in the round robin letter. 

First Row: L Hanson, M. Hill, E. Nelson, Mrs. LaPointe, E. Herwig, E. Thomas, D. Baun, B. Sawyer, 
E. Spaulding, D. Flick. Second Row: A Steinke, P. Lauermann, I. Pickering, R. Bubeck, A. Hed 

Although geography has limited their face-to-face reunions (they are spread out across the 
country), their letters have woven a thread of friendship and shared interests that has held 
them together throughout their lives. Charlick and Siro recalled the letters have traced life's 
stages from "graduation, first jobs, marriage, the Depression, relocation, through children." 

What brought them together? Voll says they were all "academically minded" and joined 
together to form a social group on campus called Pallas Athene (this group later became the 
Alpha Phi Sorority). What kept them together? Voll would say that "although they had 
diverse interests, they were children of the Depression and had come to know each other 
during hard economic times... they felt close to Stout and their time in Menomonie." 

The group is smaller now. Seven women remain to keep the thread of letters going, binding 
their lives together and now sharing stories of grandchildren, travel and the loss of a husband. 
Will they get together again? They may not be able to gather in one room, but the big envelope 
with its seven individual letters continues to bring smiles, energy and encouragement to all 
who anticipate its arrival. 

AUTUMN 2004 



Experience and commitment make the difference 

"Stay the course/' 

Craig Stark 73 was a freshman when he heard those words 
spoken by an advising professor at UW-Stout. He took that 
advice. Today, as president of The Great Lakes Companies, 
Madison, Stark still values those words of wisdom. He 
observes that "people around me were so apt to change jobs 
or career paths; they never had the opportunity to excel with 
any one company." 


With a BS degree in hotel and restaurant management 
from UW-Stout, Stark followed a course that took 
him from working in a hotel when he was a student, 
to managing top performing and award-winning facilities 
in the Midwest, to ownership of several hotel properties 
across the country. 

In 1995, Stark, in partnership with 
several others, formed The Great Lake 
Companies, specializing in real estate 
activities including the development 
and management of hotels, land 
development, Section 42 housing 
development, and fee development 
for third parties. 

Stark has always continued to expand 
his knowledge of the hospitality field. 
His people skills and ability to manage 
and train employees have brought him 
industrywide recognition for customer 
service and employee retention. 
With more than 2,000 employees 
in the company's 12 hotels and resorts, 
including Madison's Clarion Suites, 
The Great Wolf Lodge in Wisconsin 
Dells, and the new Blue Harbor Resort 
and Conference Center in Sheboygan, 
Wis., Stark has had many opportunities 
to draw upon the hands-on experiences 
he acquired while at UW-Stout. 
He continues to advise others to get 
that "invaluable work experience 
in your field of study, including 

Stark hasn't forgotten his campus experiences and the caliber 
of teaching that helped to prepare him for where he is today. 
He also understands what that means to a potential employer. 
There are six other alumni of UW-Stout working in various 
professional capacities for The Great Lakes Companies. 
GLC recently participated in UW-Stout's career fair. 

Other UW-Stout Graduates: 

Melissa Wheeler '89, director of 
Brand Operations, The Great 
Lakes Companies Inc., 
Madison, Wis. 

Alan Genin '02, director of 
Central Reservations, The Great 
Lakes Companies Inc., 
Madison, Wis. 

Christine Groth '04, 

Central Reservations property 
correspondent, The Great Lakes 
Companies Inc., Madison,Wis. 

Patrick Perry '90, assistant 
general manager, Great Wolf 
Lodge, Traverse City, Mich. 

Matt Rybarczyk 'oo, assistant 
controller, Blue Harbor Resort, 
Sheboygan, Wis. 

Paul Harms , 99, front desk 
manager, Holiday Inn Hotel 
& Suites, Chicago Northwest 

A little "splash" from the tipping 
bucket at Great Wolf Lodge. 


Great Wolf Lodge offers a fun-filled family vacation 
in a northwoods atmosphere. 





P - 


H - 

Blue Harbor Resort and Conference Center located in Sheboygan, 
Wis., on the shore of Lake Michigan, combines luxury 
accommodations with family waterpark fun. 

Melissa Wheeler, director of Brand Operations, The Great 
Lakes Companies, was president of the UW-Stout student 
chapter of Hotel Sales and Marketing Association, which at 
the time was a very active organization on campus with 
more than 150 student members. 

In looking back Wheeler comments, 

"I strongly urge students to get involved in various 
organizations. The experience I gained in both campus 
and off-campus events was phenomenal." 

For more information about Great Lakes Companies, 



J Hi 

H =i^ : ^ 

/^ o ^? w __ P /* *C 

[1 h J 1 

Hearth & Home Technologies, Lake City, Minn., knows the value 
of a UW-Stout graduate. "The work ethic and values of UW-Stout 
graduates are exactly what we are looking for in our employees," 
said Bruno Rahn, product line manager. Hearth & Home 
Technologies continues to recruit through the university's 
on-campus career fair. Two May 2005 graduates, John Wieland 
and Matt Miller, have already been hired to begin working 
upon graduation in the spring, 

Front (l-r): Chancellor Charles W. Sorensen, Eric Runquist 'oo, 
Bruno Rahn '99, Bradley Graetz '00, Wade Gullickson '99 
and Joshua Rodewald '97 

Back (l-r): Joshua Halverson '99, David Richmond '04, 
Benjamin Skibsted '04, Eric Winters '03, Aaron Frogner '00 
and Sue Pittman, interim assistant chancellor, Foundation 
and Alumni Services 

Lee Fundanet '98, director of sales and marketing for the 
Hotel Sofitel, Bloomington, Minn., is committed to giving back 
to UW-Stout and the students in the hotel, restaurant and tourism 
program. Fundanet works closely with the professional student 
organization, American Hospitality Professionals. He routinely 
returns to campus to share his experiences with classes and has 
an open invitation to students to visit the hotel. 

Front (l-r): John Swaney, general manager; 
Garth Peterson '96, director of revenue management; 
Doug Kennedy program director for hotel, restaurant and 
tourism management; John Wesolek, dean; Sue Pittman, 
interim assistant chancellor; Jeremy Schmitz '01, 
sales manager; and Lee Fundanet '98, director of 
sales and marketing 

AUTUMN 2004 



president's message 

Often, we do not take the time to 
recognize those whose leadership 
skills have taken us to new levels. 
On Oct. 1, the Alumni Association 
and Stout University Foundation 
boards of directors came together 
to thank Chancellor Charles W. 
Sorensen for his vision, leadership 
and positive changes 
to the university. 

Under Sorensen's direction, your alma mater has become 
internationally known as a leader in providing quality 
education. As president of the Stout University Foundation 
Board of Directors, I would like to thank the chancellor 
for his dedication to UW-Stout. 

I ask you to join me in welcoming Bob Heuermann to the 
university as the new assistant chancellor for University 
Development and Alumni Services. We are looking forward 
to working with Bob. Please stop by and meet him when 
you visit Menomonie. 

On behalf of the Stout University Foundation Board of 
Directors, I would like to thank Sue Pittman for a tremendous 
job serving as our interim assistant chancellor for University 
Development and Alumni Services during the past 18 months. 

Excellent leadership is critical to our university, and it cannot 
be managed without the commitment and help of our donors, 
alumni and friends. We are grateful for your continued support 
and encourage you to stay involved. 

New board members have joined the Stout University 
Foundation board. I would like to introduce and 
welcome the following: 

Harriet Hendrix Goglin '62, home economics education, resides in 
Canby, Ore. She is a retired administrator of Canby High School. 

Curt Peters '70, industrial technology, resides in Carmel, Ind. 
He is currently a packaging systems analyst for Temple-Inland 
in Indianapolis. 

Bill Otto '78, hospitality and tourism management, 
resides in Wauwatosa, Wis. He is currently president 
and COO of Marcus Hotels and Resorts. 

Sandra Wiemerslage Chopin '69, apparel 
design/manufacturing, resides in Waterloo, Wis, 
She is a retired home economist. 

Brandon Johnson, BS'94, MS'oo, hospitality 
tourism management, resides in Woodbury, Minn 
He is an administrator with the Path to 
Greatness Organization. 

Steve Vande Berg 


Stout University Foundation 

Board of Directors 


New Leadership 

for Stout Foundation 


Robert Heuermann has been 
named University of Wisconsin- 
Stout's assistant chancellor for 
University Development, 
according to an announcement by 
Chancellor Charles W. Sorensen. 

"I am extremely pleased that Bob 
has decided to join the team," said 
Sorensen. "His experience in both public higher education and 
private foundations provides the kind of experience that will 
definitely benefit the Stout Foundation." 

Heuermann comes to UW-Stout from Columbia St. Mary's 
Foundations, Milwaukee, where he served as director of 
development since January 2004. Prior professional 
experience includes director of development at St. Mary's 
Foundation Ozaukee in Mequon; director of annual giving at 
Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, 111.; director of annual 
giving/major gift officer at Illinois State University in Normal, 
111.; and fundraising coordinator for the National Multiple 
Sclerosis Society in Peoria, 111. 

Heuermann has completed his course work toward his 
master's degree in communication from Illinois State 
University; received his bachelor's degree in communication 
from Bradley University; and has an associate degree in 
business administration from Illinois Central College. 

The Stout University Foundation and the UW-Stout Alumni 
Association co-sponsored a reception October 1, 2004 to 
acknowledge and thank Chancellor Sorensen for his 
commitment to the university and his energetic leadership 
in moving the institution forward. Sorensen has served 
as chancellor for 16 years and has been instrumental 
in integrating technology into the mission, philosophy, 
functions and outreach of the university. 


nil ' 

Foundation grants stimulate faculty and staff programs 

Recently the Stout University Foundation Grants Committee awarded $19,758 to UW-Stout faculty and 
staff for initiatives that will enhance programs and advance the mission of UW-Stout. In addition, the 
Stout University Foundation has designated $30,000 per year to aid the UW-Stout campus in meeting 

4-k»/-» rr/^olci ci/~>4- 4-/^v-(-Vi Vitt -|-V»/-» T TiA/ Qt7-ci-|-/-»v>-» TliTrnvcifTT OOOQ Tt"|1 \~~\ t\ tl VF* 

Programs funded for the 2004-2005 year include: 

Plastics A Summer Institute for Science, 
Math and Technology Teachers 

$1,785 was awarded to 
Edward Hughes, BS'93, MS'98, assistant 
professor, College of Technology, 
Engineering and Management, to develop a 
weeklong summer institute for science, 
math and technology teachers. 

Establishment of a 
Certified Testing Laboratory 

$5,000 was awarded to 
Ana M.Q. Vande Linde, associate professor, 
College of Arts and Sciences, to establish a 
water and waste water testing laboratory in 
the chemistry department at UW-Stout 

Preserving and Providing 
Access to University History 

$4,942 was awarded to Don Steffen '81, 
university editor, to provide more 
permanent and wider access to UW-Stout 
historical information and artifacts and to 
explore the use of a Web-based virtual 
museum. In addition, there is a unique 
opportunity to videotape an outstanding 
historical presentation on Senator Stout 
and his family. 


Professorship Appointments 

Reinhold and Borghild Eng Dahlgren Professorships 

are two years in length and were established through an 
endowment which honors the Dahlgrens, who graduated in 
1916 and 1918 respectively from the Stout Institute. 

Richard J. Tafalla, College of Human Development 
Marian Marion, School of Education 

Maybelle Ranney Price Professorships 

were established in memory of Maybelle Ranney Price who 
died in 1993. She established the endowed fund through an 
estate plan. Price received a bachelor's degree in 1945 and a 
master's degree in 1957 from UW-Stout. 

Amy L. Gillett, School of Education 

Left to Right: Marian Marion, Chancellor Charles W. Sorensen, 
Richard Tafalla and Amy Gillett 

Adventures in Sociology: Developing 
Technology-Supported, Hands-on, 
Minds-on Data Analysis Exercises 

$1,150 was awarded to Anne Cross, 
assistant professor, College of Arts and 
Sciences, for seed money for data analysis 
exercises for use in sociology courses. 

Enhancement to the Computer 
Programming for Multimedia Course 

$1,778 was awarded to 
Bruce W. Johnston, professor, College of 
Arts and Sciences, for adding a new module 
on Web access to online databases using 
modern application server software. 

SVRI/Menomonie High School 
Residential Transition Project 

$2,500 was awarded to Al Noll BS 74, 
MS '77, EdS '80, director of development, 
College of Human Development, to develop 
a pilot program to assist selected special 
needs students in making the transition 
from school to competitive employment. 

Measuring the Impact of Professionalism/Leadership 
Training On Dietetic Students 

$2,603 was awarded to Carol Seaborn, professor, College of Human 
Development, and Mary McManus, assistant director, Memorial 
Student Center, to implement a leadership /professional 
development program to meet specific needs raised by dietetics 
students and faculty members. 

For more information about grants, contact: 

Stout University Foundation Inc. 

320 S. Broadway 

Menomonie, WI 54751 

Phone: 715-232-1151 / Toll Free 866-716-6685 


AUTUMN 2004 



president's message 

This is an exciting time in the 
educational history of UW-Stout. 
The unique and long-standing mission 
of this university is fulfilled through 
the dynamic and visionary leadership 
of Chancellor Sorensen. Personally, I 
feel honored to serve as the newly 
elected president of the UW-Stout 
Alumni Board of Directors. The news 
about the progressive graduate and 
undergraduate programs here is very 
inspiring. Reports given by the 
students, staff and faculty reflect the technological innovations 
that have distinguished Stout as an outstanding institution. 

As board members, we appreciate the opportunity to serve our 
fellow alumni and the university. Through our support, the 
university can provide initiatives that enhance the development 
of all students attending Stout. 

Your contributions have been essential to the success of our 
students, and the achievements that have been made on 
campus and by our graduates. I encourage all Alumni 
Association members and students to stay connected to their 
university, to nurture it with your support and to stay involved. 

Johnson Afolayan 

President, UW-Stout Alumni Association 



UW-Stout alumni from the classes of 1953, 1954 
and 1955 returned to campus for their golden reunion on 
October 7-9. More than a hundred graduates and guests enjoyed 
the weekend's festivities, which began with high tea at the Louis 
Smith Tainter House. Tours around the university and the city 
of Menomonie brought an opportunity to reminisce about years 
past and to see what a change 50 years has made. The golden 
reunion weekend culminated with a dedication ceremony for 
the new brilliant "S" on the historic clock tower of Bowman Hall. 

The UW-Stout Alumni Association presented the 
Distinguished Alumni Award to Lyle and Carole Tickler 
Anderson, both class of '55, during the Golden Reunion 
activities. The Andersons currently reside in St. Cloud, Minn. 

(l-r): Lyle Anderson '55 
and Carole Anderson '55, 
Distinguished Alumni A ward 
recipients, are congratulated 
by Margaret Pennington 
Swanson '48 and Robert 
Swanson BS '49, MS '50. 

Class of 1954 

Back Row (l-r): Floyd Jolliffe, Lawrence Smith, Robert Spinti, 

Bill Rah I, James Kichefski and John Burnett 

Middle Row(l-r): Marilyn Eckstein Thomack, Carolyn Schauf 

Bartel, Janet Peter North felt, Louise Wenger Peterson, 

Nancy Ceaglske Neumann, Joyce DeVries Berth lein, 

Louise Zirbel Lueck and Winifred Waite Bobolz 

Front Row(l-r): Grace Laudon Ostenso, Beverly Peterson Spinti, 

Vivian Barnhart Miller, Mary Detlor Gardner, 

Miriam Eckert Erickson, Elizabeth O f Connor Steinbrenner 

and S. Joanne Peterson Hansen 


OCTOBER 7-9, 2004 


A r *' * j » 1 ■ 

r^*m l^ * - 

l^lli iij^B 

t" H ^■^.^■flC^ 1 ' J 


Class of 1953 

Back Row (l-r): James Cook, David Bieniasz, Geraldine Erickson Bieniasz, 
H. James Rokusek, Carl Berthlein, Dufur Peters and Paul Wegman 
Middle Row (l-r): Ernest Christiansen, James Young, James Partch, 
Donna Kieffer, Hazel Nelson Jolliffe, Bernadine Gunderman Schulz, 
Mary Klaus Person andArdith Weber Breitzman 
Front Row (l-r): Judy Hinz Pechmiller, Beverly Henderson, 
Dorothy Messerschmidt Groemling, Margaret Fitzgerald Bricco, 
Wanda Staehli Amyx and Nancee Folkestad Most 

Class of 1955 

Back Row (l-r): Donald Zittleman, Robert Ad kins, Marv Kufahl, 

Edward Treise, and William Stern 

Middle Row (l-r): Elwin Amyx, Diane Klemme Christensen Thusius, 

Rose Peper Nelson, Carole Tickler Anderson, Lyle Anderson 

and Edward Prahl 

Front Row (l-r): John Rynders, Delores Sauey Rieck, Mary Gehler Strand 

and Verna Dunn Thiede 





The UW-Stout Athletic Hall of Fame class of 
2004 was inducted at a luncheon, Saturday, 
September 25. Inductees represented a variety 
of sports. The ceremonies kicked off a day 
that included a Blue Devil football victory, 
UW-Stout, 49; UW-Oshkosh, 17. 

Corey McCauley A three-time 
conference wrestling champion, 
McCauley won the 158-pound 1994 
NCAA Division III crown with a 33-3 
overall record. McCauley was the 
national runner-up in 1993 and an Ail- 
American in 1991. He won WSUC titles 
in 1992, 1993 and 1994. 

Rich Vargas A two-sport standout 
in football and track, Vargas won the 
1994 NCAA Division III indoor 
55-meter dash title. At nationals, 
he earned All- America honors in 1992, 
1993 and 1994. Vargas was the WSUC 
outdoor 100-meter champion in 1993. 
In football, he was a two-time 
all-WSUC choice and team captain. 

Julie Maki UW-Stout's all-time 
women's basketball scorer, Maki held 
career records for points (1620), scoring 
average, field goals, field goals 
attempted and assists. Maki, a point 
guard, was 1993 All- American and 
WWIAC player of the year. Maki was a 
three-time first team all-WWIAC 
selection and two-time NAIA District 
14 pick. 

Carita Goines could be the best 
sprinter in Stout women's track 
history. She won the WWIAC 400- 
meter dash in 1992, 1993 and 1994, 
and captured the 200-meter title in 

1992 and 1994. A three-time NCAA 
Division III All- American, Goines was 
the 400-meter national runner-up in 

1993 and 1994, and a 1994 All- 
American in the 200. On the basketball 
court, she was three times Stout's most 
valuable defensive player. 

Joe Jax An 11-year member of the 
men's basketball coaching staff and 
assistant under Dwain Mintz from 
1965-76, Jax helped guide Stout to three 
conference titles. He was interim coach 
during the 1969-70 season, posting an 
11-5 record and a berth in the NAIA 
District 14 playoff championship game. 
Jax was also director of UW-Stout's 
Library Learning Center until 
his retirement. 

Terry Petrie Currently, Petrie holds the 
mark for coaching the most baseball 
wins in conference history. Claiming 
seven Northern Division titles and two 
WSUC titles, he coached 75 percent of 
all Stout wins during his 30 years. He 
guided Stout to two NAIA World Series 
appearances (1989, 1990) and coached 
15 All- Americans. Petrie was the 
WHSBCA coach of the year (1983, 
1987), the WSUC coach of the year 
(1982, 1990) and NAIA Area IV coach 
of the year (1989). He also was a Stout 
assistant football and basketball coach. 

Tom Armstrong A two-time first team 
all-WSUC pick, first baseman 
Armstrong was an All-District, NAIA 
All- Area IV and honorable mention 
selection (1984). He posted a career 
batting average of .372, with 102 RBI, 
134 hits and 19 home runs. An honor 
student, Armstrong received an NCAA 
Post-Graduate Scholarship. 


John Houle is the 2004 recipient of 
the UW-Stout Athletic Distinguished 
Service Award. 

Houle played football for Stout for one 
year in the mid-1940s and has been a 
supporter of Stout athletics ever since. 
He worked with long-time tennis coach 
Bob Smith to build the tennis program in the 1980s. Houle 
served in the U.S. Navy during World War II, and then earned 
a business degree from St. Louis University. Called back into 
service for the Korean Conflict, he returned to Stout for a 
master's degree in guidance and counseling. 
He received his doctorate from UW-Madison in educational 
administration. Houle started teaching at Stout in the early 1960s 
and retired from UW-Stout's psychology department in 1985. 

For more information, contact: 

Stout Sports Information 

Layne Pitt, SID, 218 Sports and Fitness Center 

Menomonie, WI 

Phone: 715-232-2275 


Internet: www.uwstout. edu/ athletics 

J0-- "N 



AUTUMN 2004 


Richard Anderson '57, Pewaukee, retired in 
2002 from Waukesha County Technical 
College after 45 years of service as a teacher, 
guidance counselor, coach, curriculum 
coordinator, chief academic officer and the last 
29 years as president. He is currently active 
in mission work and as a volunteer for the 
International Institute of Wisconsin. 

Philip and Judith Berget Olson '58, Belgium, 
are enjoying retirement, grandchildren, 
traveling and volunteering in their community. 

1952 reunion 

Front (i-r): Alice Billiet Ehreshman, Donna Krisik Arntson. 

2nd row (l-r): Marilyn Erickson Solie, 

Anna Banker Bender, Barbara Johnson Perry, 

Florence Pleszczynski Foltman. 

3rd row (l-r): Nancy Haertlein Weiss, Carolyn Blain 

Mowbray Barbara Pech Urankar, Dale Bender, 

Leverne Ablard Senn, Dan Foltman, 

Back row (l-r): H. Walter Weiss, Charlie Mowbray, Peter 

Senn, Vernon Bell. All graduated in the early 1950s and 

began meeting once a year in '52. 

I \J. 1 

Oregon reunion 

Front (l-r): Ellen Hansen BS '67, MS '78; Harriet Hendrix 
Goglin ' 62; Mary Brodfueh Dickson MS ' 76, Sara 
Stratton Cardwell '75. 

Back (l-r): John Becher '82; Charles Young BS '71, MS 
'72; Sue Pittman; Jim Becker; Art Goglin BS '56, MS '61. 

Jo- Ann Heinz Jensen '61 retired June 10, 2004, 
from the Howard-Suamico School District, Green 
Bay. The last 15 years of her career were spent as 
an at-risk educator. 

Marilyn Blotz McApline '61 was awarded the 
Home Economists in Business of the Year by the 
Twin Cities HEIB chapter at their May annual 
meeting. McApline is the well-known "Turkey 
Lady" of Minnesota. Her educational brochures 
and materials are known throughout the country. 
She has also been the recipient of the 2002 

National Turkey Federation Lifetime 
Achievement Award and was given an 
honorary Future Farmers of America 
degree in 2004 for her leadership 
involvement in agriculture education. 

Janet Linse Bethke '62, Mondovi, has 
retired as a family and consumer 
education teacher from the School 
District of Mondovi. 

David Reisinger BS '62, MS '67, 

Spring Green, is serving as an adjunct 
professor of allied arts/metal 
sculpture at the Frank Lloyd Wright 
School of Architecture. He recently 
held a one-man show at the UW- 
Stout Library Learning Center. The 
title of the exhibit was "Media: 
Contemporary Abstract Art in Metal." 

Lana Lawrenz Anderson BS '69, MS 

'88, New Auburn, is the family living 
educator for Dunn County. She 
recently received the National 
Extension Association for Family and 
Consumer Sciences Distinguished 
Service Award at their conference held 
Oct. 3-6 in Nashville, Tenn. This is the 
highest award presented by the 
Association and recognizes leadership, 
outstanding program efforts, and 
personal and professional 

Pearl Anderson Gies '69 has retired 
after 35 years of teaching kindergarten 
at E.P. Rock Elementary School, 

Bradley Johnson BS '69, MS '73, 

Mukwonago, retired in June after 
teaching industrial arts/technology 
education for 35 years. 

* h 

Kristi Bielefeld '91, 

director of catering 
operations for the 
Portland Marriott 
Downtown, was not 
available at the time 
of the group photo. 


Colleen Harris BS '70, MS '78 retired in June 
2003 after 33 years at Proviso West High 
School, Hillside, 111. Harris served as a family 
and consumer science instructor with two 
years as acting department chairman. 

Susan Siggens Riley '70 has earned a master's 
degree in education from George Mason 
University. She is presently employed in Adult 
Learning Services at PBS National 
Headquarters in Alexandria, Va. 

William Stewart BA '70, MS '72, MS '75, 
Menomonie, received the Bert Grover Child 
Advocacy Award for 2004 from the Wisconsin 
Association of School District Administrators. 

Barbara Steger Fromader '71, Platteville, 
has retired after 33 years of teaching. 

Charles Krupa BS '71, MS '85 was named 
superintendent of the Necedah Area School 

Diane Donaldson Long '72, Menomonie, 
has retired after 21 years as a teacher in the 
Menomonie School District. 

Mary Petta Flynn BS '72, MS '73 is an art 

teacher at Mission Manor Elementary School, 
Tucson, Ariz. 

John Olson, MS '74 

education, was 
recently inducted 
into the Safety 
and Health Hall 
of Fame 
This prestigious 
honor recognizes 
acclaimed safety and health leaders 
and pioneers for their innovative 
contributions and service to saving 
lives. On October 16, 2004, UW-Stout 
alumni and faculty hosted a reception 
honoring Olson, where he received 
many accolades from his colleagues 
and former students. 

Robert Perlock '74, La Crosse, was appointed 
to the board of directors of HSR Associates, 
a full-service architectural, engineering and 
interior design firm. He is the head of the 
construction administration department. 

Susan Funk Putra '74, Watertown, was 
appointed by Governor Doyle to the State 
Examining Board for Marriage and Family 
Therapy, Counseling and Social Work. 
She was elected chair of the Professional 
Counselor Section. 

Larry Gilbertson '76, Maple Grove, Minn., 
is an administrative director at the 
University of Minnesota. 

Kathryn Wilinski Hieronimczak '76, Krakow, 
is secretary of the Box in the Wood Theatre 


Milwaukee Reunion 

Left to right: Steve Pedracine '78, Peter Siegworth '77, 
Jeff Schroder '77, Tom Goede '77. in the background 
is the Art Museum of Milwaukee. 

Daniel Dick '84, Sturgeon 
Bay, was selected 
Innkeeper of the Year 
by the Wisconsin 
Innkeepers Association 
at their annual 
conference in Green Bay. 
He is the general 
manager of Tundra 
Lodge Resort and 
Waterpark in Green Bay. 

Jeannine Triebold 
Kincade '84 was 

promoted to loan 
representative at First 
Community Bank, 

The four met in Milwaukee in June, attending a Brewers game and 
taking in the sights of the city. They all lived on first floor Milnes 
Hall during 1973 and 1974 and had not been together since 
graduation in 1978. Today, Pedracine is the executive director 
of the Minnesota Lath & Plaster Bureau, St. Paul, Minn; Siegworth 
is senior vice president of Frank Mayer & Associates, 
Grafton, Wis.; Schrader is director of development for Kinseth 
Hospitality Companies, North Liberty, Iowa; and Goede is senior 
manager, Process Support, Anheuser-Busch, Van Nuys, Calif. 

Guild and has been involved in musical and 
nonmusical roles in the Pulaski, Shawano and 
Green Bay community theaters. She recently 
made her directorial debut, directing Noel 
Coward's "Blithe Spirit" at the Mielke Arts Center. 

Anthony LoDuca BS '77, MS '79 

was appointed CEO and president of St. 
Coletta of Wisconsin, Jefferson. 

James Miller MS '77, Jefferson, received the 
Madison Area Technical College Distinguished 
Teacher Award for 2004. He is an automotive 
technology instructor at MATC. 

Marie Kuhlman Anderson '79, Oronoco, 
Minn., has received a master of divinity degree 
from Luther Seminary. She will serve as a 
parish pastor in the Southeastern Minnesota 
Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church 
of America. 



Randal Rosburg '80, Somerset, is the new 
superintendent of the Somerset School District. 

Marion Sodnik '80, Wauwatosa, was promoted 
to area executive at Wisconsin Volkswagen. 

David Peterson '81 is business growth 
manager of commercial vehicle operations 
for Ford Motor Co., Dearborn, Mich. 

Karen Goers MS '82, Menomonie, has retired 
from Menomonie School District after more 
than 30 years of teaching. 

Laurie Haig '82 is the volunteer coordinator 
for the Schlitz Audubon Nature Center, 

Christopher Napierala '82 is a technology 
education teacher at Samuel Morse 
Middle School, Milwaukee. 

Steve Minucci '84 is the 

chief operating officer 
of The Wrenfield Group, 
a division of The Golf 
Digest Companies, 
Ridgefield, Conn. 
The company manages 
two charity-related 
golfing event programs, 
Rally For a Cure which 
supports the Susan G. 
Komen Breast Cancer 
Foundation and Arnie's 

Army Battles Prostate Cancer which supports 

the Prostate Cancer Foundation. 

Stephen Morgan '84 is the owner of Furniture 
Medic, St. Paul, Minn. 

Laura Smalley Reisinger BS '84, BA '85, MS 
'90, Menomonie, is the Dunn County 
coordinator for Literacy Volunteers- 
Chippewa Valley. 

Mary Ann Searle '84 is vice president for 
student development at Palm Beach 
Atlantic University, West Palm Beach, Fla. 

Elizabeth Peterson Bettenhausen '85 is day 

services team leader, Sheltered Employment, 
Westlake Enterprises, Ladysmith. She is also 
the owner of Northern Icon Imaging Studios, a 
photography and related services business in 
Rusk County. 

Peggy Coughlin Billing '86, Lake Mills, has 
earned a master's degree in curriculum and 
instruction with an emphasis in library and 
media technology from UW- Whitewater. 

Lynn Dedering Sell '86 is a customer service 
representative with APV, Lake Mills. 

Jeanne Yonda Wilkinson '86, Brooklyn, N.Y., 
has held two one-person art exhibits in New 
York City, one at The Painting Center and the 
other at the Roger Smith Hotel. 

Catherine Houdek Keehr '88, New Richmond, 
teaches in the early childhood program of 
Elmwood School District. 

James Richison '88, Siren, is bank manager 
of U.S. Bank's office in Webster and also their 
office in Siren. 

Lynn Nelson Dressel-Mahony '89 is a senior 
human resources manager at Land O'Lakes, 
Arden Hills, Minn. 

More than 120 alumni came together in downtown 
Minneapolis in June for a casual evening at the 
Le Meridien Hotel. The contemporary setting 
brought old timers and new grads out for an 
evening to visit with others and talk with deans 
from the various colleges, and Stout University 
Foundation and UW-Stout Alumni staff. 

Alumni gatherings are held at various times and 
places throughout the country. If you are 
interested in hosting an event or would like more 
information about an alumni gathering near you, 
contact the UW-Stout Alumni Association Office. 

Chandler McCoy '89, president of Sathe 
Executive Search, was named one of the Forty 
Under 40 by The Business Journal in May 2004. 
McCoy was selected 
from more than 200 
nominees as one of 
40 up-and-coming 
professionals in the 
Minneapolis/St Paul 
area under the age 
of 40. 


^^k fefc McCoy received the 

^L ;??■ H award for his role 

in leading Sathe 
Executive Search through a period of revenue 
growth and for his community involvement. 
Sathe was founded in 1974 and specializes in 
helping businesses search for and hire top 
quality executives. He joined SES in 1998 and 
was named president in 2002. 


AUTUMN 2004 



Richard Krai '90 is a food merchandiser 
for Kehe Foods, Minneapolis. 

John Miller BS '90, MS '92, Franklin, 

was recognized for 10 years of service to the 

West Allis-West Milwaukee School District. 

Elizabeth Davidson Norris '90, Colorado 
Springs, Colo., is a recruiter specializing in 
sales and marketing and revenue management 
positions for Marriott International. 

Jenifer Gilbertson '91 is a designer 
for Healthtex, Greensboro, N.C. 

Left to right: Jeff Horbinski '00, Dave Bucheger '00, 

Andy Alonso-Egerer '98, and 

Kelly Brouwers Ehnert-Horbinski '00. 

Travel Group to Germany 

Fellow UW-Stout graduates Jeff Horbinski, Kelly Brouwers 
Ehnert-Horbinski and Dave Bucheger went on a European 
vacation together in May 2004. They visited Munich, 
Germany; Venice, Italy; and Salzburg, Austria. They also 
visited friend Andy Alonso-Egerer and his wife, Annette, in 
Nuremburg, Germany. They are pictured here on the 
platform at the Nuremburg Central Rail Station. 

Anne Brittan Krai '91 is an employee relations 
coordinator at OneSource Building Services, 
Roseville, Minn. 

Heidi Roeder Bukoskey '91 is a patternmaker 
for Quiksilver, Huntington Beach, Calif. 

Joseph Stichart '92 is a packaging engineer 
at Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp, Brookfield. 

Kari Alexander Flom BA '93, MS '03, is the 

director of Polk County Aging Programs, 
Balsam Lake. 

Matthew Lemorande '93 is a 

domestic pulp sales manager for 

Central National-Gottesman Inc., Appleton. 

Tara Ingli Ramberg '93, Baldwin, is a 
kindergarten teacher for Baldwin-Woodville 
Area School District. 

Ruth Morris Zastrow '93, Janesville, 

has joined WCLO/WJVL as an advertising 

account executive. 

Jason Abts '94, Glendale, is a key account 
manager for ConAgra Foods. 

Bevin Soder Hahn '94 is a certified veterinary 
technician at an animal hospital in Rhinelander. 

Jamie Bodsberg '95 is a commercial lines 
agent with Westland Insurance Services, 

Minyoung Shin '95 is head technical designer 
for Diane Von Furstenberg Studio, 
New York, N.Y. 

Kathryn Evanson Cooper '97 is a learning 
therapist at Northwest Reading 
Clinic, Eau Claire. 

Benjamin Dallman '97, Eau Claire, 
earned a master's of education- 
professional development from 
UW-Eau Claire. 

Heather Konsela Sand '97, 

Elmwood, is a K-8 special 
education teacher for the Elmwood 
School District. 

Jenny Zuege Wehmeier BS '97, MS 
'03, Elkhorn, is employed by the 
University of Wisconsin-Extension 
as the Walworth County family 
living agent. 

Jon Gordon '98, Delavan, is director 
of the Drumlin Hall Food Court at 

Bridget Henry '98, is a business 
analyst for the central division of 
Allied Domecq Wines, Oakbrook, 111. 

Faye Hartung Howard BS '98, 

MS '00 is a curriculum developer for 
Inscape Publishing, Minneapolis. 

Debra Harris Marg MS '98, 

Neillsville, is administrator at 
Western Wisconsin Technical 
College-Tomah Campus. 

Marcia Snarski Wuest '98 has 

completed The Institute of 
Children's Literature writing course, 
Writing for Children and Teenagers. 
Since then, Wuest has had three 
manuscripts accepted for publishing 
in three children's magazines including 
Ladybug, Story Friends and Hopscotch. 

Justin Hess '99, Denver, Colo., was promoted 
to assistant director of administrative and 
financial services at the Art Institute 
of Colorado. 

Leslie Toler Johnson '99 is the sales and 
marketing manager for the Capital Grille 
Restaurant, Minneapolis. 

Kendra Naef ' 99, Appleton, was honored 
by the American Association of Family and 
Consumer Sciences as one of its "New 
Achievers" during a ceremony at their 95th 
Annual Convention and Exposition in San 
Diego. Naef is a family and consumer 
education teacher at Kimberly High School. 

Emily Stump BS '99, MS '00 is a senior 
training and development specialist 
for Lifetouch National School Studios, 
St. Paul, Minn. 


Andrea Kriegel Niesen '00 is an attorney 
with Kmiec Law Offices, Milwaukee. 

Ryan '00 and Michelle Durnford Rewey '01 

graduated in June 2004 from Whitewater 
University with their master's degrees in 
interdisciplinary curriculum and instruction. 
Ryan is a technology education teacher at 
Parker High School in Janesville; Michelle 
is a first and second grade teacher at 
Kennedy Grade School, also in Janesville. 

Blia Vang Schwahn '00 is a school-community 
liaison for the Eau Claire School District. 

Dirk Udee '00, Zimmerman, Minn., has earned 
a master's degree in education from St. Mary's 
University, Winona, Minn. 

Brian Draheim '01 is a technical sales 
representative with Great Northern Corp., 

Katie Behnke '02 recently became a member 
of the School Sisters of St. Francis, Milwaukee, 
and is completing her two-year novitiate. 

Jon Dukerschein '02 is a product designer 
for Ignition Inc., a consulting firm located in 
Piano, Texas. 

Sara Bender Stelpflug '02 received a master's 
degree in school psychology from Northern 
Arizona University on May 7, 2004. She is a 
school psychologist at Southern Prairie Area 
Education Agency, Oskaloosa, Iowa. 

Paula Bonnin '03, Eau Claire, is a computer 
consultant and a photographer owning two 
businesses, White Wolf Consulting and 
Dragonfly Photography. 

Tiffani Calmes '03 received the National 
"Student of the Year" Award from the 
Preprofessional/Graduate Student Section 
of the American Association of Family and 
Consumer Sciences. At the AAFCS Annual 

Keep in touch. 

We'd love to hear from you and your fellow alumni would, too! 
Here are four ways to update us at the Alumni Office: 

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Convention, she was officially inducted as 
chair-elect for 2004-2005. Calmes is a teacher 
at Park High School, Cottage Grove, Minn., 
and is pursuing a master's degree in youth 
development leadership at the University 
of Minnesota. 

Renee Reinecke '03, Menomonie, teaches 
4-year-old kindergarten, coaches JV volleyball 
and is the dance team adviser for Elmwood 
School District. 

Cara Robida '03 is the programs director 

for the Chippewa Falls Chamber of Commerce. 

Chad Stueland '03 is a technology education 
teacher at Chilton High School. 

Ryan Salow '04 is a packaging engineer 
with All About Packaging, Appleton. 


Steven Dreger '83 and Barbara Homel, 
reside in De Pere. 

Alex Norton '89 and Cari Jo Lutz, 
reside in Bloomington, Minn. 

Mike Backus and Donna Hintz '91, 

reside in Milwaukee. 

Jeffrey Kotnick '93 and Lori Bloedorn, 
reside in Fond du Lac. 

Robert Carlton and Kim Marion '93, 

reside in Beaverton, Ore. 

Phil Hahn and Bevin Soder '94, 

reside in Harshaw. 

Matt Kalina and Lisa Kelly '94, 

reside in Scottsdale, Ariz. 

Jonathan Krause and Michele Wessel '94, 

reside in Oshkosh. 

Brandon Chance '95 and Kari Kegel, 
reside in Eau Claire. 

Carlo Tonelli and Rebekah Harris '95, 

reside in Wausau. 

Jason Horstman and Jennifer McEwen '96, 

reside in Barron. 

Daniel Hillstead and Krista Clarkowski '97, 

reside in Madison. 

Tracy Keck and Kimberly Warren '97, 

reside in Scottsdale, Ariz. 

Christopher Carlson '98 and Jessica Curran, 
reside in Waterloo. 

Michael Gorski and Tammy Zarecki '98, 

reside in Mosinee. 

Seth Howard and Faye Hartung BS '98, MS '00, 

reside in Waconia, Minn. 

Jack Mlnarik and Valerie Froelich '98, 

reside in Oconto. 

Paul Anderson and Barbara Hughes MS '99, 

reside in Kalamazoo, Mich. 

Michael Thompson '99 and Lisa Carey, 
reside in Stratford. 

Andrew Bonicatto and Jill Fochs BS '00, MS '03, 

reside in Hayward. 

Men's Blue Devil Basketball 
"Reunion of Champions" 

Back row: Dan Steward '70, Bill Heidemann '70, 

Dale Magedanz '73, Jerry Kissman '68, Dale Nerison '84, Gary Luecke '76 
Front row: Harlen Knutson, Eddie Andrist '76, John Wesolek '67, '68, 
Gary Mintz, Tim Domke '69, Coach Dwain Mintz, Kevin Dusso '81 

The UW-Stout Alumni Association hosted a Men's Blue Devil Basketball "Reunion 
of Champions" during homecoming weekend, October 15-16, 2004. Players from 
1941-42, 1942-43, 1965-66, 1968-69 and 1974-75 were the special guests of this 
reunion. The 1925-26 team was also honored. Sixty players, fans and guests returned to 
Menomonie to tour the campus, reconnect with teammates and enjoy special reunion 
activities. In addition to the homecoming parade and exciting football game, the 
former basketball players and their guests also participated in a golf outing and tested 
their abilities in a free-throw contest. 

The highlight of the weekend was a special dinner in the home of Coach Dwain Mintz 
and his wife, Ruth, where old friends had the chance to relax, reminisce over photos 
from the past, and swap stories about UW-Stout's championship basketball teams. 

James Bunkelman '00 and Rebecca Jones, 
reside in Eau Claire. 

Charles Gully and Keri Kusta '00, reside in Boyd. 

Adam Niesen and Andrea Kriegel '00, 

reside in Rochester, Minn. 

Dirk Udee '00 and Tracy Larson, 
reside in Zimmerman, Minn. 

Mark Bergman '01 and Heather Nundahl '04, 

reside in Germany. 

Karl Hacken '01 and Alysse Nockels '01, 

reside in Inver Grove Heights, Minn. 

David Ryder and Molly Litchfield '01, 

reside in Dallas. 

Timothy Schmidt and Jennifer Rufledt '01, 

reside in Waukegan, 111. 

Michael Schwoch '01 and Jill Johns, 
reside in Oconomowoc. 

Clint Zack and Julie Beauchane '01, 

reside in Menomonie. 

Jeremy DeVries and Laura Senn '02, 

reside in Sherwood, Ore. 

Timothy Helenius and Erin Johnson '02, 

reside in Poplar. 

Jeffrey Simek '02 and Lisa Klawiter, 
reside in St. Paul, Minn. 

Brian Stelpflug and Sara Bender '02, 

reside in Fennimore. 

Thomas Tweedy and Marsha Pronschinske 
BS '02, MS '03, reside in Cottage Grove. 

Bradley Berg '03 and Pamela Jenkins, 
reside in Eau Claire. 

Christopher Drivas and Aimee Schaller '03, 

reside in Chippewa Falls. 

Jacob Heringer and Erin Hendzel '03, 

reside in Bismarck, N.D. 

Eric Winters '03 and Jessica Martin '03, 

reside in Red Wing, Minn. 


AUTUMN 2004 


The Alumni Association and the Office of the Chancellor 
recognized university employees for 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 
35 and 40 years of service to the university at 
a reception on Thursday, October 14. Those being 
honored for their years of service include: 

io Years 

Jerrold Orrin Addie, Mark D. Amthor, Anne Antonippillai, Ted M. Bensen, 
Joseph R. Biron, Charles Bomar, Lynnette Brouwer, Alflorence Cheatham, 
George T. DeFlorin, Mary N. Dodge, Sharon L. Droege, Jo A. Klatt, 
David L. Larson, Brian E. Lorenz, Kate Maury, Betty Mclntyre, 
Robert Peters, Robert J. Philumalee, Layne L. Pitt, Kathleen M. Schuh, 
Deanna M. Steinberger, Mark A. Wenzel, David Wiensch. 

15 Years 

Patricia Aspen, Judy C. Boughton, Tena Kathleen P. Cochran, 
James L. Erdman, Gary I. Larson, Clark A. Leeson, Lisa M. Maves, 
Keith McCarten, Kevin P. McDonald, Gary F. Rockwood, Judy I. Rommel, 
Brian W. Scholfield, Kenneth E. Sebranek, Donna H. Stewart, Radi Teleb, 
Joan D. Thomas, Larry G. Thorson, Douglas J. Wahl, Mingshen Wu, 
Michelle M. Young. 

20 Years 

Jane T. Barton, Doreen C Best, Sally D. Bosshart, Judy L. Darwin, 

William A. DeHoff, Joanne M. Dougherty, Nancy J. Giertz, 

Sharon S. Giroux, Kathleen J. Hirsch, Patti Kahler, Michael J. Lawler, 

Karen A. Martinson, Barbara A. Merten, Yvonne M. Nelson, 

Lucy A. Nicolai, Nancy J. Ninas, Ricky G. Olson, Clarence J. Rachick, 

Debra J. Shefchik, Becky L. Simonson, Peter J. Thielman, 

Donna M. Weber, Theodore G. Wenum, Nancy L. Wold. 

25 Years 

Mary J. Brinkman, Nasser Hadidi, Susan K. Hunt, Janice R.Jordan, 
Denise A. Madland, Philip H. McGuirk, Donna R. Otto, Jill A. Stanton, 
Jeanne M. Stoeklen, John G. Vranak, Hugh P. Williamson. 

30 Years 

Susan K Faber, Sheila Forrest-DeSmith, Raymond Hayes, Jafar Jafari, 
William F. Johnson, Cheryl A. Lowery, Charles J. Metelka, 
Michael T. Nicolai, Mary K. Richards, Howard J. Slinden, 
Martin S. Springer, Mary E. Stasieluk, Eileen M. Zito. 

35 Years 

John K Enger, R. Pinckney Hall, Judith A. Herr, Robert A. Johnson, 
Marilyn J. Mars, Clark Edwin Smith, Hans E. Timper, John S. Wesolek. 

40 Years 

Judith Kahl 

^Births and 

Kenneth BS '81, MS '99 and Heidi Kartman, 
Rubicon, a son, Kenneth Harold. 

Paul '84 and Beth Helm, Brownsville, 
a son, James Ross. 

Peter and Lynn Dedering Sell '86, 

Fort Atkinson, a son, Matthew Peter. 

George '87 and Kristine Werner Hunt '88, 

Bonita Springs, Fla., a son, Cameron George. 

David and Jeanne "Trish" Anderson Bjerke '89, 

Apple Valley, Minn., a daughter, Betsy Anne. 

Matt and Lynn Nelson Dressel-Mahony '89, 

Shoreview, Minn., a son, Austin. 

Alex '89 and Cari Jo Norton, Bloomington, 
Minn., a son, Jacob Mac. 

Christopher '89 and Stefanie Perri, 
Chippewa Falls, a daughter, Josephine Rae Ann. 

John '90 and Laura Nereim Chastan '93, 

Madison, a daughter, Amanda Grace. 

Richard '90 and Anne Brittan Krai '91, 

Lino Lakes, Minn., a son, Brandon Tyler. 

Jay '90 and Kerri Link, Minong, 
a daughter, Keira Lee. 

Nicholas '90 and Tara Stahel Sowka '90, 

Plymouth, Minn., a son, Luke Nicholas. 

Erich and Brenda Goodwin Swanson '90, Prior 
Lake, Minn., a son, Benjamyn Dennis. 

Steve and Margaret Cervenka Wallace '90, 

Minneapolis, a daughter, Isabella Gloria. 

Brian and Heidi Roeder Bukoskey '91, 

Huntington Beach, Calif., a son, 
Bradley William. 

Ralph and Tracy Rademann Gundert '91, 

Beaver Dam, twin daughters, Corey Marie 
and Shelby Briann. 

Beji and Pamela Heuer Varghese '91, 

Alpharetta, Ga., a daughter, Olivia Joy. 

Joseph '92 and Karen Wituschek Stichart '91, 

Sussex, twin sons, Jack Martin and Brady Patrick. 

Kraig '92 and Tina Holschbach Vandervort 
'93, Roseville, Minn., a daughter, Rachel Marie. 

Neil '93 and Jamie Siler Bretl '92, Antigo, 
a son, Samuel. 

Todd and Kari Alexander Flom BA '93, MS 
'03, Menomonie, a daughter, Minna Rose. 

David and Tara Ingli Ramberg '93, Baldwin, 
a son, Maxwell David Richardson. 

Jason '94 and Randi Abts, Glendale, 
a son, Ryan William. 

David and Jennifore Kehoe Ebert '94, 

Oregon, a daughter, Celia Nicole. 

Scott and Jennifer Sweet Komp '94, 

Waukesha, a son, Jason Jerome. 

Nathan '94 and Tara Provenzano McFadyen '94, 

Bolingbrook, 111, a daughter, Ella Mary-Noel. 

Andrew and Jennifer Putz Meelberg '94, 

Savage, Minn., a daughter, Abrianna Joelle. 


Jeff and Melissa Batterman Arndt '95, 

Menasha, a son, Kyler John. 

James and Carrie Swanstrom Homann '95, 

Port Byron, 111., a son, Adam. 

Chad '95 and Londra Rogers, Wausau, 
a son, Gatlin Edward. 

John and Kandi Geurts Wendlendt '95, 

Green Bay, a son, Colin Rae. 

Shawn and Jamie Pond Anderson '96, 

Eau Claire, a daughter, Paige Jean. 

Richard '96 and Michelle Muehlbauer Burr 
'95, Apple Valley, Minn., a son, Jayden Joseph. 

Joshua and Stacy Farrar Jacobs '96, Elkhorn, 
a daughter, Paige Evelynn. 

Mark and Amy Scheer Keating '96, 

Edina, Minn., a son, Carson Mark. 

Sean '96 and Carol Schuff, Neenah, 
a son, Noah Sean. 

Scott and Penny Pederson Thalacker '96, 

Sartell, Minn., a daughter, Zayda. 

Anthony and Jennifer Kroon Birch '97, 

Rochester, Minn., a daughter, Lindsey. 

David Burkhart '97 and Lisa Andrew-Burkart 
BS '96, MS '97, Oakdale, Minn., a son, 
Vincent David. 

Mike and Kathryn Evanson Cooper '97, 

Eau Claire, a son, Jacob William. 

Benjamin '97 and Valerie Dallman, 
Eau Claire, a daughter, Liliana Rebecca. 

Dan and Dina Johnson Dupre '97, 

Andover, Minn., a daughter, Danielle Jane. 

Ryan and Lori Strusz Elsen '97, 

Farmington, Minn., a daughter, Taylor Ann. 

Jared and Jessica Pfeiffer Hoylo '97, 

St. Anthony, Minn., a son, Jacob Dennis. 

Jeremy '97 and Teri Schaar Odegard '99, 

River Falls, a daughter, Emily Rose. 

John '97 and Angela Helm Ryun '98, 

New Berlin, a daughter, Grace MacKenna. 

Mark '97 and Nichole Lundberg Tile '95, 

Farmington, Minn., a daughter, Veronica Jane. 

Bradley and Rebekah Tedesco Colson '98, 

Coraopolis, Pa., a daughter, Alyssa Gabrielle. 

Kevin '98 and Jennifer Tripp Conrad '98, 

Farmington, Minn., twin sons, 
Mason James and Drew Ryan. 

Jon '98 and Nichole Norman Gordon '98, 

Delavan, twins, Grace Victoria Alizabeth 
and Mason Victor Andrew. 

Gregory '99 and Courtney Rabidoux Hedin 
'98, Hudson, a daughter, Grace Courtlyn. 

Justin and Heather Stapleton Lerfald '99, 

Lonsdale, Minn., a son, Brody Clinton. 

Clint '99 and Nora Moses, Menomonie, 
a daughter, Madison Mae. 

Matt '99 and Cara Nelson Myer '99, 

Crystal, Minn., a daughter, Kylee Anne. 

Kurt '99 and Heather Obenberger, 

Albany, Ore., a son, Grayson. 

Robert and Holli Wood-Ossmann '99, 

Krakow, a son, Cole Robert. 

Louis and Jane Helgeson Sonnentag '99, 

Bloomer, a son, Mark Louis. 

Joseph '01 and Stephanie Breit Dean '02, 

Stillwater, Minn., a son, Parker Dean. 

Michael '01 and Kara Fabel, Rochester, Minn., 
a son, Jacob. 

Brian '01 and Bobbi Jo Mortvedt, 

Cottage Grove, Minn., a daughter, Morgan Lee. 


Clara Boland Strong '28, Sept. 21, 2004 
Otto Baker BS '33, MS '50, Oct. 17, 2004 
Glenn Johnson '33, March 8, 2004 
Elbert Barnhart BS '34, MS '40, Aug.10, 2004 
Lawrence Hoyt BS '34, MS '58, July 19, 2004 
Martha Bubeck Schmidt '34, Sept. 2004 
June Trastek Schwartz '34, Dec. 30, 2003 
Carl Brenner '35, May 7, 2004 
Lawrence Braaten BS '36, MS '50, 

May 15, 2004 
Irene Christopherson Soberg BS '38, MS '55, 

Sept. 13, 2004 
Helen Sedivy Hartman '39, May 6, 2004 
Robert McLeod BS '39, MS '52, April 17, 2004 
Adrian Pollock '39, March 20, 2004 
Jean Morgan Slauson '39, July 14, 2004 
Jane Chenoweth (Rosenthal) Reynolds, 

BS '40, MS '61, Aug. 13, 2004 
Blanche Moy Baker '43, Aug. 3, 2004 
Leon Young BS '43, MS '54, March 18, 2004 
Ava Reuter Peterson '44, Oct. 22, 2003 
Ruth TeBeest Mattson '45, July 15, 2004 
Stewart North '46, July 1, 2004 
George Hendrickson BS '48, MS '51, 

Aug. 18, 2004 
Richard Herzing '49, Jan. 5, 2004 
William MacLachlan '49, May 15, 2004 
Joseph Downs '50, Sept. 25, 2004 
Marion Saari Vukelich '50, Nov. 2004 
Russell Boettner '51, May 10, 2004 
Robert Morris BS '51, MS '60, Oct. 28, 2003 
Daniel Jeatran BS '53, MS '65, 

March 26, 2004 
Marjorie Smith Bassett MS '55, July 23, 2003 
Jerry Poad '56, Jan. 30, 2004 
Joseph Koch '57, May 24, 2004 
Patrick Spielman '58, Oct. 28, 2004 
Raymond Debevec MS '59, Feb. 28, 2004 
Howard Steinhilber BS '59, MS '65, 

Oct. 26, 2004 
Charles Anhalt BS '60, MS '71, Nov. 2003 
Jeanette Flick Groepper '62, Oct. 23, 2003 
Maurice Schaller '62, July 24, 2004 
Robert Pittman MS '63, March 30, 2004 
Kay Benseman Gotzion '62, Feb. 25, 2004 
Carl Helmle BS '62, MS '64, Jan. 18, 2004 
Joe Myrick BS '62, MS '68, June 5, 2004 
David L Anderson '65, Feb. 18, 2004 
E Thorn Rogers '66, March 18, 2004 
Wallace Voskuil MS '66, Jan. 19, 2004 
James Henrickson '69, Dec. 7, 2003 
Margaret "Peggy" Mullen Reynolds '69, 

Feb. 13, 2004 
Jack Milkie '71, April 6, 2004 
Susan Cropp '73, May 17, 2004 
Rick Sitzman '75, June 3, 2004 

James Veloon '75, April 26, 2004 

Richard Teigen '76, Sept. 17, 2004 

Bonaventure Achinanya MS '77, June 6, 2004 

John Erdmann MS '78, Nov. 17, 2003 

James Wright '79, Dec. 3, 2003 

Ellen Olsen Christensen '81, Dec. 21, 2003 

Karen Kennedy '82, 2003 

Phillip Bettenhausen '84, Aug. 6, 2004 

Cheryl LaFountain Hinds '86, April 14, 2004 

Kenneth Saxton '86, July 24, 2004 

Kelly Moran-Ward '86, Dec. 30, 2003 

Keith Coenen '87, July 4, 2004 

James Hobbick '88, Oct. 6, 2004 

Robert O'Reilly '88, Sept. 20, 2004 

Patricia Naland MS '90, May 16, 2004 

Darrell Danielson BS '94, MS '96, 

March 12, 2004 
John Bondy '95, April 21, 2003 
Terry Bronstad '97, Oct. 25, 2003 
Mark PfaffMS '97, 2003 
Victoria Jones '99, May 25, 2004 
Shane Hopfensperger '02, Feb. 28, 2004 
Bradley Hesch '03, July 18, 2004 
Debra Promersberger '03, July 1, 2004 

Other Deaths 

Frank J. Belisle, 99, River Falls, former 
registrar and director of placement at Stout, 
died Aug. 27 at the Lutheran Home in River 
Falls. He served in schools in Wisconsin for 44 
years. He was a principal in Nelson, Augusta 
and Woodville. He taught in Menomonie 
public schools for 13 years and in 1955 was 
appointed registrar and director of placement 
at Stout, retiring in 1970. 

Ben Monte- Auburn Lancaster, 81, formerly 
Wolfram E. Niessen who taught at UW-Stout, 
died Sept. 14 at his home in Wheeler. He was 
known for his sculpture and portrait making. 
The portrait heads of William "Bud" Micheels 
and John Furlong, in the Furlong Collection, 
and the sports sculpture on Johnson 
Fieldhouse are examples of his public sculpture 
work that he did for the Stout campus. 

Jane Chenoweth (Rosenthal) Reynolds, 85, 

professor emeritus and 1940 graduate of the 
Stout Institute, died Aug. 13 at the American 
Lutheran Home in Menomonie. She began her 
career at Stout as professor of home economics 
education. She also served as director of the 
graduate college in home economics education 
and assistant to the chancellor for affirmative 
action. She retired in 1983. 

Arnold (Arnie) Sax, 72, Hubbell, Mich., 
professor emeritus, rehabilitation department, 
died Saturday, May 15. He was the first 
director of the Materials Development Center. 
He retired in 1990. 

Michael "Mickey" Larson, member of the 
Tongue Band and known to many alumni of 
UW-Stout, died Aug 12, 2004. 

AUTUMN 2004 




j^i tout had a connection to all three of 
^^ the 2004 presidential candidates, 
ijjohn Kerry (1988) and Ralph Nader 
(1980) appeared here, and George Bush 
presented the Baldrige Award to the 
university (2002). This summer, Bush's 
campaign route brought him through 
Menomonie, but the bus didn't stop as it 
was escorted down Main Street. 

Senator George McGovern in 1972 

The only politician 
who campaigned here and went 
on to become president is Senator 
John F. Kennedy. He appeared before a packed 
crowd in Harvey Hall on February 26, 1960. In the book 
Reminiscences: An Anthology of Oral History, retired Stout 
faculty member Bob Melrose tells of the controversy that 
erupted when an FOB pledge asked Jackie Kennedy for her 
measurements. Her answer has never been recorded. The 
Kennedys ate lunch at the then Hotel Marion. 

Minnesota's Senator Hubert Humphrey, later vice president, 
appeared in 1960, and Walter Mondale, former vice president 
in 1988. Mondale provided support on behalf of another 
candidate, Wisconsin Congressman Al Baldus. 

When Senator George McGovern spoke on campus in 
1972, the event had to be moved from Harvey Hall due 
to a bomb scare. 

Not all of the politicians who have campaigned at 
Stout have been main stream. George Lincoln 
Rockwell, head of the American Nazi Party, visited 
here in 1967. 

The highest ranking politician to speak at Stout 
while in office was Vice President Henry A 
Wallace in 1944. Wallace served as Franklin 
Delano Roosevelt's running mate in 1940 
(He was replaced by Harry Truman 
in the 1944 election). 

Some other names that 
can be added to those 
listed above are Harold 
Stassen, John Lindsay, 
Al Gore, Estes Kefauver 
and Robert Taft. These 
names will slowly pass into 
obscurity, but it is 
comforting to know that 
there will always be people 
attempting to achieve the 
highest office in the land and 
there will continue to be 
students listening to them 
plead their causes. 


AUTUMN 2004 


ive nights a week during the academic year, the 
phones are busy at the Louis Smith Tainter 
House as students spend the evening calling on 
behalf of the Stout University Foundation. 

The annual phonathon has a significant impact, generating 

more than $350,000 annually for the university and its 

programs. These students are paid for their work, but they 

are also "ambassadors" for the campus as they call to talk 

with alumni, parents and friends about making an annual 

contribution. While on the phone with alumni, they take 

the time to update addresses, answer questions and talk to 

alumni about their own experiences at UW-Stout. 

They look forward to talking with you! 


The Stout University Foundation Inc. 
cultivates relationships between UW-Stout 
and its various constituencies for their 
mutual benefit. It supports the mission and 
goals of UW-Stout through the acquisition 
and stewardship of resources. 

Gift Giving Opportunities 

The Stout University Foundation serves UW-Stout and its 
students by coordinating the solicitation of private gifts. 
Your gift, regardless of the size or form, will be greatly 
appreciated by the students and faculty of UW-Stout. 
The Foundation staff is available to assist you in matching 
your charitable intentions with an appropriate fund. 
Currently, gifts may be directed to : 

Easy Payment Methods 

Cash gifts can be made with personal check, credit card, 
money order, electronic fund transfer (EFT) or payroll 
deduction. Gifts can be made payable and sent directly 
to the Stout University Foundation Inc., or online gift 
payments can be made at 

For more information, contact: 

Stout University Foundation Inc. 
320 S. Broadway 
Menomonie, Wl 54751 
Phone 866-716-6685 

• Scholarships 

• Endowed Scholarships 

• Grants 

• Faculty and Staff Development 

• Professorships 

• Faculty Chairs 

We will be happy to talk with you about your long-term 
philanthropic goals, as well as planned giving, trusts and 
other methods of deferred giving. For more information 
on a gift that will make a difference, contact the 
Stout University Foundation Inc. staff. 

The Stout University Foundation Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation founded 
in 1963 and governed by a volunteer board of directors. This board includes 
alumni, friends of the university, and business and industry leaders who 
oversee the resources of the Foundation. These resources support the 
present and future needs of UW-Stout. 

Wine in 
Spain. . . 

University of Wisconsin-Stout 
students, majoring in hospitality 
and tourism management or 
any major, had an opportunity 
to gain international 
experience studying wine and 
food pairing in Spain. The course is offered at 
the University of Balearic Islands, located on the island of 
Mallorca in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Spain. 
Taught by UW-Stout and Spanish instructors, the short-term course focuses 
on menu planning, preparation of foods, cooking methods and tasting wines with food. 

For more information visit, 
or contact Peter A. D'Souza, associate professor, Food and Beverage Management, Department 
of Hospitality and Tourism, Home Economics Building, Room 266, University of Wisconsin-Stout, 
Menomonie, Wisconsin 54751. Phone: 715-232-1491; E-mail: 



A link to the past, present and future 






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